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Paul Turner Principal
I’m Landlink’s survey manager and business leader. With over 30-years of land development experience, I’ve worked with quite a range of clients including investors, corporations, local and regional councils, developers and landowners.
Ben Addington Principal Planner
As Landlink’s Principal Planner, I guide our clients through resource consent processes and advise on sustainability matters. My project involvement ranges from large multi-lot subdivisions to single family dwellings.
Dave Munro Engineer
I’m Landlink’s civil engineering expert, providing leadership and oversight during the construction phases of our projects. Anything to do with construction, infrastructure provision, earthworks and contract administration could involve me.
Reuben Fergusson Graduate Surveyor
I’m Landlink’s graduate surveyor and undertake cadastral surveying with a focus on land development. Working with an engineering survey firm in Australia I was involved with projects ranging from open cut mines to multi-story buildings.
Matthew Carson Surveyor
I’m Landlink’s project surveyor, and work closely with our clients throughout the land development process. A key part of my role is to provide specialist technical and project support to the team and to external consultants.
Steven Suen Surveyor
I’m Landlink’s roadway mapping and LiDAR surveying specialist, experienced in executing large highway infrastructure projects from beginning to completion. Keeping an eye on detail, I look after our large and moderate-sized projects.
Jeff Macphail Surveyor
I’m Landlink’s survey technician and look after our clients undertaking projects such as new houses. I’ve experience in residential, rural and engineering surveying and ensure that our clients feel fully supported throughout the process.
Sandy Turner Director
I’m Landlink’s practice director, contributing to our business strategy development and guiding financial and operational planning.