Reach the right market and create a legacy project with us.


Our multi-disciplinary team is very experienced and highly motivated. We understand what it takes to get a development from concept to completion and our real talent is adding value along the way.

Services for Developers

Never miss an opportunity. We understand the local regulatory, economic and social environment that affects the viability of potential land development projects. Our team is adept at analysing a variety of factors influencing development potential and can provide detailed options assessments as well as cost estimates. Call us for a no obligation chat about your next potential project.

The Resource Management Act can be a minefield. We understand this and have developed good working relationships with those administering it to reduce the risks involved. From developing the scope of a proposal to assessing its effects and consulting those affected, we have the skills and experience necessary to guide an application as smoothly as possible through the statutory process. No project is too big or small so call us to discuss your plans.

Creating neighbourhoods is our passion and designing them is the first step. Our team has the knowledge and skills to produce designs that meet necessary council standards but constantly go above and beyond. We are committed to designing infrastructure that is both fit for purpose and value for money. Check out some of our great projects for inspiration.

Gathering reliable and accurate data is critical to the success of every land development project. With the latest GPS and computer technology we can prepare plans showing site features clearly or send the data directly to architects and other consultants for their immediate use.

Sometimes the District Plan is not right. Or at least someone thinks it isn’t! We can help either by preparing and lodging an application to change the District Plan or by helping you make a submission on a proposed change. The plan change process is both complicated and time consuming with many formal processes and requirements. There are usually a lot of options to consider depending on your situation so please don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

Building great places is a team effort. We can project manage the construction process to ensure that contractors build your vision. Contract management can be tricky but with our expert knowledge we can provide reliable and accurate advice throughout. Check out some of our projects to see what we’ve built.

There’s more to subdividing than you might think. Coordinating planners, surveyors and engineers (not to mention other consultants and the council) can be very tricky. Thankfully, we make it easy with experience in a range of best practice approaches to development throughout the Lower North Island. Check out our Subdivision Flowchart to see what the process involves.

Knowing where to build everything is as important as knowing what’s being built. Our surveyors use the latest integrated technology to ensure that everything is shown where it should be. Call us now to find out how we can help.