Get strategic planning advice and the technical skills to match.


We know that it’s important to maximise return and reduce risk when managing land assets. Regulations can have a huge impact on the value and use of land and we pride ourselves on providing robust asset management advice.

Services for Corporate Landowners

Never miss an opportunity. We understand the local regulatory, economic and social environment that affects the viability of potential land development projects. Our team is adept at analysing a variety of factors influencing development potential and can provide detailed options assessments as well as cost estimates. Call us for a no obligation chat about your next potential project.

The Resource Management Act can be a minefield. We understand this and have developed good working relationships with those administering it to reduce the risks involved. From developing the scope of a proposal to assessing its effects and consulting those affected, we have the skills and experience necessary to guide an application as smoothly as possible through the statutory process. No project is too big or small so call us to discuss your plans.

An old saying goes that a property “is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it”. If that’s true, then presenting it in the best possible light is very important! We can provide advice and recommendations on managing and marketing your land in a way that presents its true value. A myriad of planning, infrastructure, geotechnical and stormwater related constraints can affect a site in a variety of ways. Understanding how to deal with these is the key to minimising risk and maximising value.

Sometimes the District Plan is not right. Or at least someone thinks it isn’t! We can help either by preparing and lodging an application to change the District Plan or by helping you make a submission on a proposed change. The plan change process is both complicated and time consuming with many formal processes and requirements. There are usually a lot of options to consider depending on your situation so please don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

Defining rentable areas is judiciously regulated by the Property Council New Zealand. We have had extensive experience preparing lease plans for the former Dressmart, Coastlands and Todd Park. We understand that getting the area right is important for both Landlord and Tenant and offer a quality cost effective service.

Gathering reliable and accurate data is critical to the success of every land development project. With the latest GPS and computer technology we can prepare plans showing site features clearly or send the data directly to architects and other consultants for their immediate use.